Information Sharing and Analysis Centers


Since 9/11, ROGERCO has operated dedicated Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs). Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 created private sector ISACs to better protect key Critical Infrastructure. On a 24/7 basis, multiple ROGERCO-operated ISACs provide cyber and physical threat monitoring, analysis, sector subject matter expertise, and incident response support to their respective key sector stakeholders. This experience gives ROGERCO unique expertise performing all-hazard threat monitoring and analysis on a national scale.

ISAC Functions

The ISAC is a one-stop clearinghouse for information on cyber and physical threats, vulnerabilities, and solutions. Your company will better understand the threats and vulnerabilities to your business so that you can take appropriate action. Members receive near-time updates, can submit information anonymously, and enjoy 24/7 incident response consulting from leading industry experts.

Key Features

Subject Matter Expertise

All-Source Intelligence Analysis

Sector and Cross-Sector Coordination

Anonymized Incident Reporting 

24/7 Threat Monitoring and Alerts

All-Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

ISAC Members

The PT, OTRB, & ST ISACs collectively serve thousands of individual members working in both frontline and managerial positions for more than 1,300 organizations distributed across all 50 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico.


ISAC Member Services

Expanded member services available at discounted prices:

  • Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Onsite Incident Response Support
  • Intrusion Investigations/Computer Forensics
  • Remote Monitoring of Intrusion Detection Systems and Firewalls
  • Risk Management/Mitigation

Access to unique sources of information:

  • U.S. and Foreign Governments (World-wide collection of information)
  • National and International Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)
  • Law Enforcement Entities
  • Hardware and Software Vendors
  • Independent Research and Analysis from Industry Experts
  • Geo-Spatial Analysis of Threats to Member Assets

Assistance 24/7:

Contact the ISAC Help Desk toll free at 1-866-STISAC1 (1-866-784-7221)

Questions or Comments? Email us at: ST and PT ISACs or ORTB ISAC