Design, Management and Operation of 24/7 Operations Centers

ROGERCO’s track record designing, implementing, and operating custom command and control systems for the military and civilian clients spans 24 years. We have significant track record with the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and large Transportation and Financial Sector clients producing extremely capable centers and operational environments. These systems provide real-time visualization of the operating environment/battlefield empowering leaders to make and implement effective decisions. ROGERCO integrates the most up-to-date communications, data management, cyber security, information visualization technologies and operational processes.

Our track record includes the:

    • US Army’s Information Dominance Center
    • Surface Transportation Information Sharing and Sharing Analysis Center
    • Public Transportation Information Sharing and Analysis Center
    • Association of American Railroad Operations Center (Since 2001 ROGERCO has operated the 24/7 Railroad Security Operations Center. This Center coordinates information between the U.S. freight and passenger railroads, the ST-ISAC, and Federal and State Governments.)
    • Financial Sector Command and Control Center: ROGERCO’s subject matter experts are integrated 24/7 into the day-to-day operations a +$50 billion USA financial fintech company. Our experts provide a range cyber security services including: brand protection, threat hunting, remediation, supply chain security
    • U.S. Department of Transportation’s Command and Control Center

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