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Information and Infrastructure Technologies Corporation (IIT) is an American information security, technology services and defense company founded in 1997. For more than 25 years, IIT has supported the US Department of Defense, US Government Agencies, and commercial customers in the United States. IIT is a privately held, small business.

IIT’s core capabilities include full-spectrum cybersecurity,  telecommunications and security solutions, intelligence analysis/support, critical infrastructure protection and security risk management. IIT works extensively with critical infrastructure providers including Tier 1 Telecommunication Carriers, Global Fintech, and Fortune 500 Transportation Companies.

IIT is headquartered in the Reston Town Center in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, with employees working in corporate and government offices around the globe.  IIT’s highly qualified staff, strategic alliances, secure labs and testing facilities and diversified service offerings enable IIT to meet the specific needs of each client.


IIT is a rare combination of subject matter experts and keen business acumen. For 25+ years, IIT has customized solutions to meet customer needs. We are not reliant on one-size-fits-all methodologies or teams of just-out-of-school analysts.

Ultimately, ensuring our client’s success is paramount and we commit the resources necessary to meet their requirements.


Client confidentiality is key with IIT. Whether it’s due to the nature of the organization employing our services, or out of simple courtesy and respect, without mutual agreement, IIT will not discuss our clients, their projects, or technologies. Many of IIT’s facilities, labs and personnel have a USG security clearance and our networks were designed to ensure client security.


IIT has robust access to real-time information and intelligence ranging from legislative/regulatory changes, to terrorist activity, and developments in cybersecurity. On a 24/7 basis, IIT professionals produce analysis about events that impact our customers. We incorporate and use this information to help clients inform business judgements and limit their risks.


Information and Infrastructure Technologies has received numerous prestigious awards for excellence in cybersecurity, physical security, and enterprise technology solutions.