Cybersecurity Model Maturity Certification (CMMC)

What is CMMC - Cybersecurity Model Maturity Certification?

The Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program began its phased roll out in 2021. CMMC is intended to ensure that companies participating in the Defense Industrial Base have appropriate cybersecurity practices and processes in place to protect Controlled Unclassified Information and Federal Contract Information. CMMC certification will soon be required of all contractors (prime, sub, third party suppliers) in order for them to be awarded or renew a DOD contract. It is also likely to be adopted by numerous other governmental organizations.

What does CMMC mean for your organization?

No self-attestation and self-reporting. CMMC assessments must be conducted by Certified Assessors (CA) affiliated with a C3PAO. Organizations are not allowed to self-assess and report compliance.
No more Plan of Action and Milestones (POAMs): CMMC requirements are pass-fail and cannot be satisfied by a POAM that promises to address a requirement in the future. All CMMC practices and process must be satisfied to achieve certification.
CMMC Compliance must be achieve and maintained: Organizations must meet and maintain CMMC Level that is commensurate with the sensitivity of the information they access.

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The Five Compliance Maturity Levels

Organizations need to decided which certification level they require. The certification level is determined by the types of contracts they would like to pursue. DOD will assign a CMMC maturity level (Level 1-5) requirement for each issued solicitation. The CMMC maturity level of an organization must be validated by a certified independent auditor, called a C3PAO. Organizations may only participate in solicitations for which they have achieved the required CMMC certification.

Why is Alta IRM the best tool suite to automate your CMMC Certification Compliance?

Alta Integrated Risk Management (“IRM”) robustly automates the CMMC compliance process. Alta has been adopted by numerous highly qualified independent assessment firms. Alta will enable your organization to become CMMC compliant quickly and stay compliant and that efficiently and cost-effective. Alta IRM was beta tested throughout 2020, honed, and released 2021, ready to meet the challenges of CMMC and today’s market place that demands an integrated approach to risk management. Some of the key benefits of Alta are that it:

• Empowers organizations to determine their required CMMC Certification Level (1-5)
• Performs an automated gap analysis to determine CMMC compliance posture
• Generates a System Security Plan that details compliance with CMMC practices and processes
• Provides solutions to help remediate non-compliance (e.g., deploys solutions, updates policies and procedures, alter existing configurations, etc.)
• Helps customers retain a C3PAO CMMC certified auditor and complete an independent evaluation rapidly and cost effectively
• Ensures continued compliance with evolving requirements (e.g., update documentation, processes, procedures and file required reports)
• Cross populates data between approximately 800 customizable compliance standards – eliminating duplicative efforts and saving your organization time and money

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Why is Alta’s integrated risk management superior to traditional GRC regulatory only focused tools?

Alta integrates existing data, systems, software, people and processes in a single unified platform. Our tool suite is highly customizable and modular. That  way organizations can walk the path from traditional compliance to modern integrated risk management at their own pace and budget.
Clients avoid duplication and save money because existing software and processes flow into Alta. Clients only select the Alta tools that they are ready to step up to. Our platform is frame-work agnostic, operationally resilient and housed in the Amazon High Gov Cloud.
Alta was designed by the CISOs of a 50+ billion Dollar FinCen and Information and Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. (“/IIT”). IIT is an established cybersecurity company with more than 24 years of experience delivering state of the cybersecurity solutions and compliance support for PCI,SO, SOC2, HIPPA, NIST 171, among other standards. Alta is already in use by leading independent assessment and consulting firms.

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