Information Operations

From the beginning of Information Operations (“IO”) – Information Warfare, Command and Control Warfare – to today’s IO, IIT has had a leading role in defining IO principles and concepts, as well as IO tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). IIT has provided support to Joint staffs, Service staffs; component/MACOM level staffs, at the 1st IO Command (formerly the LIWA) Corps/Division level and at the team level in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, and in Afghanistan. IIT subject matter experts have contributed extensively to Joint IO doctrine (JP3-13) and Army Field Manual (FM) 3-13: Information Operations: Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. IIT also establishes doctrine and TTP for the IO elements of operations security and military deception. In addition, IIT has developed and teaches IO in various formal Army and Joint forums including the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth or at other locations depending on deploying unit requirements.

IIT Services and Capabilities include:
• Doctrine development and support
• Staff Augmentation
• Information Sharing and Anlaysis
• IO Training

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