Incident Response and Digital Forensics

IIT executes a wide array of incident response engagements that have included investigations, litigation support, remediation of cyber breaches, documentation of data leaks and exfiltration, malware detection, analysis and mitigation and IP theft. We use both industry standard and customized forensics tools tailored to unique customer requirements; which are applied using established best practices and processes to ensure process and data integrity. These engagements often involve:

    • Execution of the full incident response cycle, including 24/7 onsite support
    • Incident response planning support
    • Forensics preservation/collection of smartphones, laptops, desktops, servers, other devices and cloud based applications
    • Forensic Analysis: experts examine the electronic footprints left by others; substantiate activities; offer explanations for activities
    • Processing: extract data and produce in understandable formats; provide memos or reports of findings
    • Expert Witness: provide affidavit or court room testimony on digital forensics

IIT also provides a range of services that are designed to proactively neutralize Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors, prior to their ability to weaponize attack tools against our customers. This includes a “Brand Protection” component that serves to protect the reputations of our clients.

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